The Pelleres Base Training core strength and conditioning program is the biggest innovation to happen to the fitness industry this century. Not only will Pelleres Base Training revolutionise the way the industry operates it will ensure longevity for all the stakeholders including exercise professionals, gym owners, educators and most importantly of all – the customers.

When I was first introduced to the Pelleres Base Training program I immediately recognised the positive impact it will have not just on the health and fitness industry but on an individual’s personal health and well-being.

Having been involved at the highest level in education and training for over 30 years it’s refreshing to witness innovation – it doesn’t surprise me that we are continually uncovering new techniques, devices, and systems to enhance improvement. The foresight and understanding shown by the authors are indicators that our industry is evolving with society.

The Certified Pelleres Base Trainer course has been designed to provide the student with all the practical and theoretical tools to successfully equip a trainer to deliver the program. The course is designed to meet current industry standards and focuses on developing the instructor from a performance perspective. It is both physically and mentally challenging.

Completing the course is not easy and is not an automatic process. It requires work, dedication, and perseverance by the participant to achieve an internationally recognised statement of attainment. But your dedication will pay off and the skills you learn and the application of Pelleres will be sure to open the door to further opportunities and benefits to your clients.

I highly commend Grand Final Technologies for their initiative in the development of this course. To all participants I wish you good luck and look forward to hearing how you are integrating Pelleres into your personal training businesses.

Yours in training.

Tony Attridge
The College of Health & Fitness


Become a Certified Pelleres Base Trainer.  To find out more information visit our CPBT page.

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