Recognised Pelleres Training Studio


Grow you business by becoming a Recognised Pelleres Training Studio (RPTS).

Attract new members.
Offer new services to your current members.
Globally recognised, industry accredited, money back guarantee.

RPTS receive:
1.  12 month RPTS membership.
–  Exclusive supplier PBT @ rrp $300.00.
–  Pelleres Group Training module
–  Authorised reseller Pelleres – not available in retail stores.
2.   1 x full CPBT accreditation RRP $795.
3.   1 x Pelleres Group Instructor accreditation RRP $495
–  Workouts, routines
3.   Personalised website listed on Pelleres Online Directory.
4.   Membership to RPTS Campus at the Uni.Pelleres online resource portal.
–  Business management tools
5.   Regional account manager and 24 hours online support.
6.   10 x assorted Pelleres RRP $994.
7.   POS, posters, flyers, banners.
8.   PBT 8 Week Communication and Marketing Launch Plan
–  Email campaigns
–  Social media campaigns
–  Articles, blogs, press releases
9.   Affiliate Platform Membership – market to your database, increase your passive income.
10. Wholesale purchase rates – Pelleres are not available in retail stores.
11. Newsletters, discounts, specials.

Product Description

Become a RPTS and grow your business success.

1.  Who can become an RPTS?
A. Any registered legal business entity that provides the service of exercise prescription.  Some examples include gyms, health clubs, sports clubs, physiotherapy clinics, medical centres, Pilates studios, Yoga, Crossfit, sporting associations, schools, sports teams, dance studios, bootcamps, mobile gyms, PT’s.
2.  What documentation is required from the RPTS?
A.  The RPTS must provide business registration and a certificate of currency.
3.  How do you become an RPTS?
A.  Simply submit the enquiry form and an information and registration pack will be sent to you.  Complete the registration and one of our team will be in contact to discuss.
4.  How long does it take to become an RPTS?
A.  RPTS approval can take as little as 7 days.
5.  Explain the PBT 8 Week Communication and Marketing Launch Plan
A.  The Launch Plan is a detailed and structured set of instructions with the objectives to successfully launch PBT within the RPTS.  It includes a coordinated email campaign, social media campaign, PR launch kit, competition, launch event plan, articles for publication, advertisement copy.
6.  What is an Authorised Reseller?
A.  Authorised Resellers are businesses who are permitted to retail sell Pelleres products.  Pelleres are not available in stores.  They are only available online or in-person at Authorised Resellers.  A competitive advantage to the RPTS.
6.  Does the RPTS have to have a Certified Pelleres Base Trainer associated with them?
A.  Yes.  All RPTS must have at least one (1) x CPBT attached to them.
7.  How do you become a Certified Pelleres Base Trainer?
A.  Check out here all the details in becoming a CPBT.  The costs of one (1) x CPBT certification is included in membership.
8.  The RRP of PBT is $300, do you have to charge this?
A.  No, the RRP is only the recommended price.  Some CPBT charge more or less depending on the demand, their own experience, and the client.  The price is negotiable however to activate the money back guarantee the RRP must be applied.
9.  Explain how the  Pelleres Base Training money back guarantee works.
A.  A client signs up to complete PBT through a RPTS.  The client completes the program – all four (4) PBT sessions with a CPBT.  At the end of the PBT if there is no improvement the client is then retrained by another CPBT – assigned by us and at no cost to the client.  If there is still no improvement a full refund of $300 (RRP) is happily and gratefully applied.
XX.  Are there any other exercise programs using Pelleres?
A.  Pelleres Sports Box and Pelleres Speed & Agility available soon.  Pelleres can be used in all group training classes.  Get the Pelleres Group Instructor accreditation that includes updated workouts and routines to expand the range of uses for Pelleres.

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