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Pelleres Base Training

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Pelleres Base Training (PBT) is a one-on-one, individual, core strength and conditioning program delivered by a Certified Pelleres Base Trainer, one session per week over a four week period.  Available only from a Recognised Pelleres Training Studio PBT consists of four (4) individual weekly sessions and comes with a 100% money back guarantee.
PBT includes enrolment on the Uni.Pelleres PBT online campus for full support and a PBT Exercise Workbook.
SPECIAL OFFER:  Sign up for PBT and receive a FREE pair of Pelleres 7.5 (rrp $97.95).

To get started you must meet with a Certified Pelleres Base Trainer at one of our Recognised Pelleres Training Studios.  Fill in this this form and we will be in touch.

Product Description

  • The No.1  Core Strength and Conditioning program on the planet.
  • Money back guarantee to improve core strength.
    • Improve performance
    • Reduce the risk of injury
    • Reduce rehabilitation time.
  • Industry recognised:
    • Fitness Australia Association
    • Physical Activities Australia
    • Registered Exercise Professionals of New Zealand
  • Special FREE Pelleres when you complete your course.
  • Four x one-on-one personal sessions delivered by a Certified Pelleres Base Trainer over four weeks.
  • Available only at a Recognised Pelleres Training Studio.
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