Pelleres for K1 Kayaker

Meet Alex.  Alex is an up and coming K1 Kayaker and booked in for a Pelleres Base Training (PBT) program to condition himself prior to the NZ Championships.  Alex knew that he was going to have limited time on the water prior to the champs so a  PBT course would be ideal preparation.

Alex worked with Certified Pelleres Base Trainer, Kirstin Thompson of Nspired Nutrition and Fitness in a structured, one on one 4 week program. This programme included some sport specific exercises designed to give Alex a better strength output per stroke and well as providing a power base from which to grow from.

The results were impressive. When Alex got back on the water he dropped 2 seconds off his PB for the K1 200 and gave him a time that would put him into the finals at the champs.

Have you got your own competition you need to prepare for? Do you want to experience the benefits of a PBT program? Want to know why Pelleres is the number one core strength and conditioning program on the market with proved results? Complete the form [click HERE] to register for a personal consultation.

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