With over 20 years tennis coaching experience including being named 2014 Coach of the Year read Dom’s story of how Pelleres has given his players a true competitive edge.

If you’re not learning every day you’re going backwards. Tennis coaches are great at coaching tennis, it’s a specialised sport with specialised coaches and lot of time is spent on the court. All good coaches should look at ways to improve their coaching. Personally, I’m always keen to try something new, if it works great, if not – well at least I know.

Core strength is extremely important in the game of tennis. Most rallies finish in under 2 seconds. The serve plus return then the next two shots. There is a very high quality performance delivered in a very short period of time.

Power is important – power in the serve and the return. Without core strength players don’t have the ability to generate power in their shots. Court speed and agility is directly related to core strength. If players want to move around the court faster then they need core strength to make this happen.

I was introduced to Pelleres through a parent of a player I was coaching. They had come across the device through a track and field connection and wanted to know if I thought it would be of benefit to their child. I checked out the Pelleres website and the theory and concepts seemed to make a lot of sense.

Through the website I made contact with a Certified Pelleres trainer and we met up and I went through an introductory workshop which went for about 1 hour. I knew straight away that Pelleres were a great fit for tennis players. The weight positioned on the forearm meant that players were able to hold their racquets and perform drills.

I then signed up and completed the Pelleres Base Training program and gained a great understanding of how to improve core strength. I learnt so much about the core, how to switch on muscles, understand better the biomechanics of running, jumping, and throwing. I’ve been able to use the information now in my coaching.

Pelleres fits in with tennis training. It’s easy to use with group squads because we have times for specialised for warm-ups and skills training. Also on wet weather days we can utilise Pelleres and do some things different.

I’ve noticed a big change – I feel different in my movements, free-er through the hips mainly, I’m using different muscles and ways of generating power. I’m hitting the ball harder with less effort.

My advice to any coach is to try it out. Give Pelleres a go. Find a Certified Trainer and go through an introductory workshop. Get an understanding of how and why Pelleres work and then when you believe in them you can apply them to your coaching program.

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