Zac was playing in the U23 division of the national football (soccer) competition when 3 months from the end of the season he was told by his coaches that he wasn’t going to get a contract because he wasn’t fast enough off the mark.

Undeterred Zac knew that he had to do something. At the time he was sharing a house with nationally ranked decathlete who recommended that he try Pelleres Base Training, a core strength and conditioning program. Read on for his story.

I was told by my soccer coach that I wasn’t going to get a contract for the next season. At the time I was playing in the national U23 competition. The reason given was that I wasn’t fast enough off the mark and needed to improve my speed. Through a house-mate who competed in athletics I was told to give Pelleres Base Training a go to improve my core strength – if I improved my core strength I knew I would improve my speed and agility.

Core strength is very important for soccer. As a defender I have to be strong on my feet and not be pushed off the ball. There is a lot of body checking, pushing, and jumping. If I have a weak core then I won’t be as effective. I had good endurance but my explosive speed was not my strong point. Up until that time I hadn’t really done much core work – mainly because I didn’t know how.

I met with the Pelleres Base Training coach and we did an PBT introduction session – right from that first session I knew that it would work. It made a lot of sense and it was what was missing from my training. I learnt a lot, it wasn’t just about doing the exercises but a huge learning component.

The Pelleres Base Training program went for four sessions over four weeks at one session per week. They were very different from anything I had done before, a lot of fun, and not too tiring. I did the sessions away from soccer training. I wasn’t sore after the sessions and I was able to complete all my team training without any problems.

There were noticeable improvements after 2 weeks. I was faster, fitter, and more agile. By the end of the program my core strength had improved significantly. I was much stronger, more stable, and my off the mark speed had improved. I’ve been involved in the junior state and national soccer program since I was a teenager and never had I come across a similar program.

I highly recommend to any athlete to do Pelleres Base Training – it is the best core program I have ever completed.

The best news is that prior to the end of the season the coach commented on how much I had improved and I was offered a contract for the next season. I later went on to join another that won the national competition.

Pelleres Base Training is an industry accredited (Fitness Australia Association, Physical Activities Australia, Registered Exercise Professionals of New Zealand) core strength and conditioning program developed by Grand Final Technologies.

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