My Squat Improved from 200kgs to 240kgs In 4 Weeks.

Jack is a 17 year old rugby union player who was introduced to Pelleres Base Training (PBT) through the core strength and conditioning coach at his rugby club. He completed the PBT intro session, followed by the PBT block (4 weeks – 1 x session per week, 30 mins). This is his story.


My name is Jack, I’m 17 years old and I’m a rugby union player, I play either prop, lock or loose forward. I was introduced to Pelleres Base Training program through my rugby club trainer.  I had never heard of the program before but I was interested because I wanted to take my game to the next level and was prepared to give it a go. I had no significant improvement in my performance or weights recently and I felt I was stuck on a level. At the end of the day I had nothing to lose by trying it out.

After the introductory session the PBT program made a lot of sense. Straight away I saw how good it was and realised how much improvement I could make. I knew it would work. I definitely recommend the introductory session.

After the first session I learnt so much about the core, it was good education as well. I felt muscle groups that I hadn’t work before. The PBT sessions were fun, different, and they didn’t affect my other training. In fact other training sessions went better.

As a result of PBT I was staying on my feet was a lot easier in contact, I wasn’t getting pushed over but holding my ground. My speed improved over the short distance and my lifting improved. At the start I was squatting 200kgs and the end I improved to 240kgs. It definitely worked. I was faster, stronger, and had more explosive power. I was shown a squatting technique that I was able to use in the scrums and it made a huge difference. I am much more aware of my core and know how to switch it on.

Later that year I was selected for my school state representative team and then picked to representative my country.

I highly recommend Pelleres Base Training for any rugby player or athlete that wants to improve their performance. It works.

Pelleres Base Training is an industry accredited (Fitness Australia Association, Physical Activities Australia, Registered Exercise Professionals of New Zealand) core strength and conditioning program developed by Grand Final Technologies.

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