Pelleres Ambassador Eliana Seymour can now add the Queensland 100m Hurdle Campion title for 2015!

The mother of two, devoted wife, employee and student at Griffith University where she is studying towards a Masters of Marketing made a comeback to the event she had competed in as a junior and senior in Hungary.

“When I decided I wanted to compete again I knew I had to have good core strength – without it you cannot run fast.” Under the guidance of head coach, Stuart Anderson, Eliana was introduced to a revolutionary new core strength and conditioning program “I was introduced to Pelleres when I joined my squad, and it is the best core training product I have ever experienced.”

In 2014, Eliana was awarded the “Griffith Sport Rookie of the Year” at the Griffith Sport Awards, and already is following up her 2014 rookie year successes with some outstanding achievements in the 2015 season.

The Queensland State Championships were held over the past weekend, and after placing third in the 100m Hurdles in 2014 with a time of 14.30 seconds – Eliana was out for Gold this year with a time of 14.07 seconds. Eliana has proved that she is able to achieve whatever she sets her mind to and has hurdled her way to gold – making her the Queensland 100m Hurdle Champion for 2015!

Eliana Seymour’s 2014 Achievements:

  • Won the 660m Nathan Dash spring across campus in the Open Student Women’s category with a time of 2 minutes
  • Placed 9th in 100m at the Australian University Games (AUG) in Sydney with a time of 12.54 seconds.
  • Placed 2nd in the 100m Hurdles at the AUG in Sydney with a time of 14.45 seconds
  • Placed 3rd in the 100m Hurdles in the Queensland State Championships with a time of 14.30 seconds




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