What are Pelleres?

*Pronounced “Pellers” (think of the word propellers) or “Pel-ler-res” for a more European flavour – either is acceptable.

What began as an idea for track runners to run faster through increased core engagement the launch of one of the most innovative products the fitness industry has ever seen has turned into a journey that continues to redefine, reshape, and overhaul functional training.

Invented by track and field coach Mepi Faoagali who specialises in core strength and conditioning, Pelleres® debuted in 2010 and quickly became one of the most effective, “must-have”, fitness training products on the market. Based on a 21st century biomechanical breakthrough observation Pelleres does what no other product or device can do – activate abdominal and core muscles in isolation.

Today, Pelleres has evolved beyond the device to now represent a global industry with a mindful approach to exercise that is a step beyond traditional training. This clarity of who we are and what we want to offer inspired the development of Pelleres Base Training, the number 1 core strength and conditioning program available today.

Pelleres products and services target core strength and conditioning – so often misrepresented in the training scheme. We used to think we knew everything about core strength but turns out we knew very little. The days of 000s of sit-ups at the end of training are long gone.

The next frontier of core training involves the mind. It’s about conscious activation, awareness of movement, and reinforcing movement patterns. It’s about inserting thought into movement. It’s about engaging our clients, fitness students and athletes to be physically involved, and to also be present and fully engaged in the training process.

It doesn’t matter if you’re facing the toughest competition of your athletic career, looking to return to a fitter you, or just starting out. Pelleres can see you through it all with new challenges and exercise progressions always just around the corner.

Not Just a Product

Pelleres are known industry-wide for improving core strength and conditioning, speed and endurance, and enhancing balance and flexibility. They have an unprecedented reputation for building hand-eye co-ordination and fine tuning motor skills for sport.

But on their own Pelleres are just wearable body weights specifically activating abdominal and core muscles. You have to engage your body in order to bring them to life! So, beyond our products, we offer a proven system of functional exercises, conscious activation, and intentional movement based on smart science that produces results.

“Train smarter” is the Pelleres approach that makes certain that when you wear your device you get everything you ever wanted – more bang for your buck, cutting edge technology, a competitive advantage from your training tool Even more than that, you get an intelligent training method that transcends any piece of fitness equipment.

Green, Environmentally Conscious Manufacturing

We make products intended to promote health, wellness and an overall better quality of life. So, it only makes sense that how our products are made is as important to us as how they are used once in your hands. Grand Final Technologies is committed to the use of renewable resources, recycling and the elimination of toxins that harm the environment.

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